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Kathryn Tickell
Back To The Hills artwork
Back To The Hills artwork

Back To The Hills

  1. Patrick Robert Menzies / Whinshields / Whinham’s
  2. Wild Hills of Wannies / My Sunny Day
  3. Jacky Layton
  4. Andrew’s March / Kielder Schottische / Shirley’s Reel
  5. What It Is / Fare Well
  6. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I’ll Tell the Minister / Inverness Gathering
  7. The Champion / The Old Drove Road / Old Hornpipe
  8. Keel Row
  9. Westoe
  10. Lasses Pisses Brandy / Holmes’ Fancy / Madame Bonaparte
  11. Far Frae Hame / Willafjord / Hesleyside Reel
  12. Thanks to Cocks and Bryan / 40 Years at Ford / Old As the Hills
  13. Flower of the Quern

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