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Kathryn Tickell
Instrumental artwork
Instrumental artwork


The Kathryn Tickell Band


Instrumental tracks from Kathryn and The Band – Ian Stephenson, Julian Sutton, Peter Tickell, plus special guests Dov Goldberg (clarinet and bass clarinet), Joss Clapp (mandola and acoustic bass guitar), Donald Hay (percussion) and Agustín Fernández (charango). While the majority of this album has been written by the musicians themselves, the melodies are imbued with a sense of tradition that has been passed down through generations. It is the sound of wild, bleak open spaces, the sound of a steeped musical history, the sound of long nights spent with like-minded souls.

  1. Ian’s Trip to Wales/Anton’s Muneira
  2. Alan & Catherine’s Wedding Jig
  3. Rip off Pharaoh/The Mountain Stream/Captain Scuttle
  4. Jamie’s Air/Jamie’s Jig/In the Shadow of the Angel
  5. Keelman Ower and/Farewell to Rothbury/Cat in Coldstream
  6. Yeavering
  7. One for Julian
  8. Hareshaw Burn
  9. Coquet to Rede/High Spirits and Short Attention Spans
  10. Midton Rd/Pots & Pencils/Sheep on the Moor
  11. Tiger’s First Bird

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