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Kathryn Tickell
The Kathryn Tickell Band artwork
The Kathryn Tickell Band artwork

The Kathryn Tickell Band

  1. Holey Ha’penny / The Tyne Bridge Hornpipe
  2. Out On The Ocean / The Cacodemon / Coast Of Austria / Thomas McElevogue’s No1
  3. Peacock Followed The Hen
  4. Drop Dead Waltz / Franklin River Reel
  5. Thomas McElevogue’s No 2 / Cuckold Come Out Of The Amrey / Thomas McElevogue’s No3
  6. The Desperation
  7. Roly Gentle / Hot Rivets / Tartar Frigate / Closed Face Reel
  8. Nancy’s Waltz / 200th Birthday Jig
  9. Floating From Skerry
  10. Garga / Elsdon Pool / Jockey Stays Long At The Fair
  11. Faroe Rum / The Teetotaller / Farewell To Edinburgh / Barrowburn Reel
  12. Otterburn

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