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Kathryn Tickell
The Sky Didn't Fall artwork
The Sky Didn't Fall artwork

The Sky Didn’t Fall

Kathryn Tickell & Corinna Hewat


A very personal album of tunes and songs with Corrina Hewat on Scottish harp and voice with Kathryn on pipes, fiddle and voice. The opening and closing tracks, ‘Favourite Place’, are taken from recordings of Kathryn’s mother reminiscing about her rural Northumbrian childhood. Her mother, Kathleen, grew up on Willow Bog Farm in the Warksburn area of Northumberland back in the 1940s and 50s; her warm memories paint a special picture of life in Northumberland through the eyes of a young girl. The remote location and the connections made through music, dance, song and storytelling forged a lifetime of friendships.

  1. Favourite Place
  2. Brig Set
  3. Brose
  4. Jamie
  5. Mike to Mutt
  6. Fause, Fause
  7. Hawthorn
  8. Felton Lonnen
  9. The Lads
  10. My Love
  11. Favourite Place

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