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Kathryn Tickell

NEW Double CD… “The Best of Kathryn Tickell”

May 12th, 2009

A total of 31 tracks, including the full version of ‘Favourite Place’, the CD booklet also features a long interview with Kathryn about this thoughtful collection. Available from the ‘Shop’ section here.

Amid December concerts with Sting in New York and Europe, and plans for special projects in 2010, it’s a busy yet festive time. For next year do book early for Kathryn Tickell Band performances February to June see ‘Performances’ section for details, further dates to be added.

The full track listing for the ‘Best Of…’ collection which for technical reasons can’t be fitted on to the webpage… is as follows, for those of you that would like to know


  1. Our Kate/The Welcome Home
  2. Lads of Alnwick Sunderland Lasses Peacocks March
  3. Peter Man
  4. Stories from the Debateable Lands
  5. The Wedding/Because he was a Bonny Lad
  6. Side Echoes Down the Side
  7. Rip Off Pharaoh The Mountain Stream/Captain Scuttle
  8. Westoe
  9. Favourite Place
  10. Bill Charlton”s Fancy
  11. Jockey lay up in the hayloft/Bellingham Boat
  12. Brafferton Village Walsh’s Hornpipe
  13. Jamie’s Air/Jamie’s Jig In the Shadow of the Angel
  14. Rothbury Hills


  1. Hareshaw Burn
  2. Rhymeside
  3. Small Wild
  4. Stagshaw Bank Fair/Shew’s the way to Wallington Mile to Ride
  5. Gin ye kiss my wife/I’ll tell the Minister/Inverness Gathering
  6. Dunstanburgh/Kathryn’s Favourite
  7. Thomas McElvogue’s No 2 Cuckold Came out of the Amrey Thomas McElvogues No 3
  8. What it is Fare Well
  9. Here’s the Tender Coming Captain Bover
  10. Tune for Matt Robson Kathleen
  11. Roly Gentle Hot Rivets Tartar Frigate Closed Face Reel
  12. Midton Road Pots Pencils Sheep on the Moor
  13. Alan Catherine’s Wedding Jig
  14. Flower of the Quern
  15. Tiger’s First Bird
  16. Pipes Lament
  17. Corn Fiddler Coquet Sight


Cloud Horizons artwork

Cloud Horizons

Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening’s second album, released September 1st 2023.

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